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What's New

On this page, you’ll find a list of the major updates we’ve made to TakeTurns.

August 2023

  • Recap. With recap, you see all the activity of a collaborationon a timeline. It’s an audit trail that shows what occurred in the collaboration in order: all the turns, documents added or updated, requests added or fulfilled, messages and chats. Learn more.

  • Move content. When it’s your turn, you can now move files, folders or the requests you have created in folders. Learn more.

July 2023

  • Default party name. If you set your organization name in your TakeTurns account, it will be your party name by default when creating a new collaboration. Learn more

  • Chat. User names in the chat now have the color of their party for more clarity

  • Turn notes. When sending an update, skipping a turn or wrapping-up a collaboration, notes are now optional

June 2023

  • Organizations - TakeTurns now supports multi-user plan management. Learn more

  • Skip Turns - You can pass control to the other party when you don’t need to send an update

  • Auto-complete on invitations - Invitations now support auto-complete on name and email from previous invitees

  • User interface enhancements - Several enhancements have been made to simplify the user interface. Commands such as collaboration wrap-up are now in the collaboration menu.

  • Drag & Drop - You can now drag & drop files to add files, upload a revision or fulfill a request

  • Chat announcements - Key events of the collaboration are displayed in the chat timeline

  • 30 days trial - You can now try TakeTurns for 30 days free without a credit card

March 2023

  • File preview - You can now view previews of the files and documents you've added to the collaboration. Images, PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents are supported.

  • File history - You can view the history of each file and preview all the versions

  • Right click - You can now use right click to lock, rename, or remove files, folders, and requests.

  • Install TakeTurns as an app - You can install TakeTurns on your Desktop or iPad. Learn more.

  • Improved file upload - It is now easier and quicker to upload files

  • Improved file requests - It is now easier and quicker to create and fulfill file requests

Update to our plans

  • STARTER plan provides all the key features of TakeTurns to get started

  • PLUS plan takes your collaboration to next level with advanced features such as Turn Recall or Ghost role

  • You can try both plans for 30 days free

  • As always, it’s free for all participants you invite to collaboration

  • Learn more about TakeTurns plans

February 2023

  • Turn recall - Turn recall is like undo. It enables you to call back your last turn. It’s useful if you’ve accidentally ended your turn early or uploaded the wrong files. Under the covers, when you execute a turn recall, TakeTurns will cancel your counterparty’s turn and return control to you. Learn more

  • User interface enhancements. On the collaboration screen, we renamed “End turn” to “Send update” and “Close” to “Wrap-up” for more clarity. Many enhancements have been implemented in the user interface.

  • Improved pending invitation view. You can now see the avatar and name of the person who invited you to a collaboration.

January 2023

  • Download Archive - When you wrap up your collaborations (i.e., close), participants have the option to download an archive of the entire collaboration. Learn more

  • Daily chat digest - In collaborations where you have unread chat messages, TakeTurns will email you a nightly digest with the last five messages or mentions. Learn more

  • Improved usability for file status - We’ve made the file statuses clearer and cleaner. Learn more

  • Improved usability for views - We’ve reduced the number of predefined collaboration views and focused each view to be more useful. Learn more

November 2022

  • Product Tips - TakeTurns displays tips to guide new users on key features. Tips can be individually closed or activated/deactivated in preferences. Learn more

  • Download all files from a turn - You can download every file for a given turn with a single click. Learn more

  • Resend invitations - Resend invitations to participants who have yet to accept. Learn more

  • Default role for participants - When you add a new participant, the default role is now Leader. Learn more

  • Chat notifications - The collaboration list and the sidebar now display chat notifications. Learn more

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