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Mark files for review

When it’s your party’s turn you can mark a file for review. When you mark a file for review, you’re notifying the other party that they need to look at a particular file in their next turn. Marking a file for review doesn’t require a particular action from the other party, it is just a way to flag files. The review requests you add will not be visible to anyone until you end your turn.

Who can do this?




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How to mark a file for review

  1. Click on a file

  2. In the file details window, click on the Ask the other party to review switch

  3. Close the window

Mark files for review - Preview (EN).gif

How to mark files for review using right click

  1. Right-click on a file

  2. Select Ask for review

Mark files for review - Right Click (EN).gif

💡 Tip

  • If a file inside a folder is marked for review the entire folder is flagged so that the other party can find the items for review more easily.

How to cancel review

  1. Right-click on a file

  2. Select cancel review

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