In TakeTurns, both parties can share, review or revise files turn by turn. Files are created or updated using your usual tools, but they are shared in TakeTurns. In this section, we cover all the things you can do with files.

How file versioning works in TakeTurns

In TakeTurns, every collaboration is comprised of a series of turns. When a turn is ended, TakeTurns saves the version of the files from that turn. That means:

  • The latest files are always in the last completed turn

  • Each previous turn contains as-of version of files from that period of time

For example, consider the following five-turn collaboration between Steve Law and ACME.

The last version of the files is in the current turn. To view previous versions of the file, you need to look in the preceding turns.

We can see which turn by viewing a file’s history. For example, if we click on “2023 Privacy Policy,” we can see

  • The original file was added in turn two, by the Steve Law Group.

  • Updated by ACME in turn three.

Going back to turn two or three would return the version shared by teams in those turns.