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Download files

At any time participants in the collaboration can download files from TakeTurns. Files can be downloaded from any turn.

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How to download a file

You can download files in the current turn, or by selecting a previous turn in the turn history panel. Remember the turn history is in reverse chronological order the latest turn will be the top most turn.

  1. Click on the file you’d like to download. This opens a file detail window.

  2. Click on the download button.

  3. A system dialog box will open asking you where to save the file on your device.

đź’ˇ Tip

  • If the file in TakeTurns contains any of these characters, < > : " / \ | ? * , they will be replaced by underscores in the downloaded file. Learn about Filename compatibility

How to download all the files in a turn

You can download all the files for a specific turn by clicking the “download all” button. This will package up all the files into a zip archive. The archive will be named after your collaboration and appended with a number that indicates the turn. For example, if your collaboration was named “Software License Agreement” and you chose to download the files from the 4th turn. The archive would be named “Software License Agreement”

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