When it’s your party’s turn you can upload a new version of a file to replace an existing file. We call this adding a file revision and it is useful when two parties are working on a document together. The revisions you add will be visible to the members of your party. The other party will not be able to see the new content until your turn is ended.


Who can do this?




Available in plans


How to upload a revision

  1. Click on the file you want to update

  2. In the file window click on the yellow Upload revision button in the header

  3. Select your file from your device.

  4. Once the file is done loading you will see a preview of the file. Verify that this is the file you want to upload.

  5. Click close


  • When you upload a revision, the file will keep its name, unless you decide to rename it later.

  • It is possible to update a revision of a different file type. For example, you were working on a draft in Word but decided to upload a final version as a PDF.

💡 Tip

When you want to work with the other party on a document (with both parties editing), try to use this feature as it will keep the full history of changes across turns. It’s much better than adding new files for each version.

How to remove your revision

You can remove your party’s revision up until you end your turn. After you end your turn, the submission is considered to be locked in. However, if you are a PLUS user and still want to modify your last revision, you can use turn recall to undo your last turn and then remove and resubmit your revision.

To remove your revision …

  1. Click the file that you updated in this turn.

  2. In the file window click on the x next to the “Updated” tag. This will delete the revision.

  3. Click close