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Rename files and folders

When it’s your party's turn you can rename a file or folder. We recommend naming files in a way that makes sense to you and your parties.

Who can do this?




Available in plans


How to rename a file

  1. Click on a file

  2. In the file details window, click on the pencil next to the file name. You can also edit the file description.

  3. Edit the file and hit return.

  4. Close the window

💡 Tip

  • You don’t need to keep the original filename. We recommend you use concise filenames that will help your participants understand what’s been uploaded to the collaboration.

  • You don’t need to keep the file extension (such as .docx or .pdf) as it will automatically be available when the user downloads the file

  • Use spaces and short file names that can be easily displayed in the card or list views

  • Avoid use of the following characters, < > : " / \ | ? * , in your filenames. Learn about Filename compatibility

How to rename a folder

  1. Right-click on the folder

  2. Choose rename

  3. Enter your new name

  4. Click Confirm

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