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Add requests

You can add a document collection request at any time.

Remember that the other party won’t see your request until you click "Send Update."

Who can do this?


Available in plans


How to add a request

  1. When it’s your party’s turn, click on the + Request files button

Add Request - 1 - EN.png
  1. In the New Document Request window, type your request name and a description of your request

Add Request - 2 - EN.png
  1. Click on the Add button to add the request.

  2. Your new request will appear on the screen. It is highlighted in yellow because it hasn’t been shared with the other party. To share the new request, simply click Send Updates.

Add Request - 3 -EN.png

💡 Tip

Use the description field of your request to include instructions on the file(s) you want the other party to upload. It will appear on the request window when it’s time for the other party to fulfill the request.

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