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Send Update

In order for the other party to see any of your new revisions, requests, or files you must Send Update.

Who can do this?


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How do I know I have an update to send?

TakeTurns makes it easy to recognize when you have updates to send to the other party. On your Active Flows screen, each Flow with a pending update will have an orange marker in the activity column. For example, beneath we see two items that have pending updates.


Also, when you view the Flow itself, the content, the content area, and the send update button will highlighted to make you aware that updates need to be sent.

Send Update - EN.png

How to Send Update

To send an update to the other party:

  1. Click on Send Update

Send Update - EN - 1.png
  1. (Optional) Write a short note to the other party

Send Update - EN - 2.png

💡 Tip: What should you write in your message?

Use the note to describe what your party did and to add instructions to the other party. The note will be sent in the email notifications and appear in the chat.

  1. Click Send

Send Update - EN - 2 copy.png

Canceling an update

You can also cancel pending updates for the other party if you choose to do so. Keep in mind you cannot ‘undo’ a canceled update once it has been confirmed.

To cancel an update:

  1. Click Cancel

Send Update - Cancel - EN - 1.png
  1. Click Confirm to confirm cancelation. To cancel the cancelation, click Cancel

Send Update - Cancel - EN - 2.png

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