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Chat with participants

At any time all collaboration participants, except ghosts, can send and reply to chat messages. Chat is found in the right side sidebar of the collaboration detail screen. Chat allows to communicate throughout the duration of the entire duration of the collaboration, regardless of who’s turn it is.

Who can do this?




Available in plans


Post a message

  1. Type your message in the box at the bottom of the side bar

    • You can add emojis with the emoji icon

  2. Hit return to send your message

Reply to a message

  1. Move your mouse over a message. A menu with three dots appears, select Reply

  2. Type your reply in the message box

  3. Hit enter to send your reply. It will appear with the mention of the message you are replying to

React to a message

  1. Move your mouse over a message. Click on the emoji icon

  2. Select an emoji for your reaction

Hourly email of unread chat messages

On an hourly basis, TakeTurns will send an email digest for each collaboration where you may have unread chat messages. The digest will include the last five unread chat messages and mentions. The chat digest will also include a link to view the collaboration.

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