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Recap a Flow

With Recap, you see all the activity of a Flow on a timeline. It’s an audit trail that shows what occurred in the Flow in order: all the notes, documents added or updated, requests added or fulfilled, messages and chats.

Who can do this?


Available in plans


How to recap a Flow?

To recap a Flow:

  • Click on the Recap button in the header of the Flow

    Recap a Flow - 1 - EN.png

  • The recap will be displayed in a new screen

    Recap a Flow - 2 - EN.png

What is included in the Recap?

The recap shows the activity of the two parties side-by-side. The timeline shows each update:

  • When the update was made

  • Participants on both sides who were included in the Flow during the update

  • Update notes

  • Files added or updated: You can click on files to preview the version in this turn

  • File requests

  • Requests that have been fulfilled: You can expand the request to see all the files that were uploaded to fulfill the request

Upcoming features

We are planning to include more information in the Recap timeline:

  • Chat messages

  • Events such as deadline reached, participant joining, etc…

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