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Getting started

Welcome to TakeTurns, the safer, easier way to work with people outside of your organization.

This section contains background information for individuals that are new to TakeTurns. Topics include:

If you’ve not done so, /wiki/spaces/HC/pages/253821105, you can try free for 30 days. Once you’ve set up your account, we recommend you review the following sections:

I received an invitation, now what?

How do I collaborate in TakeTurns?

I’m ready to create my own collaboration

If you just received an invitation to join a collaboration, learn how to /wiki/spaces/HC/pages/253821199 and start working.

Learn how to view collaborations and /wiki/spaces/HC/pages/253821227.

Learn how to /wiki/spaces/HC/pages/253820945 and invite a party to share, request, review and edit files.

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