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What is TakeTurns?

TakeTurns is the safer, easier way to work with people outside of your organization.

It’s your one place to share, collect, and collaborate on business-critical documents and files with clients, vendors, partners—or any external organization. Instead of relying on a clutter of emails, attachments, shared folders, and messages, you create a structured, secure, and transparent TakeTurns Flow™ to collaborate more effectively.

What can you do in a TakeTurns Flow?

In a TakeTurns Flow, you and your external stakeholders share files, request documents, exchange and track revisions, or chat. Flows are asynchronous, so both parties work at their own pace - and with their own tools - without the risk of conflicting edits.

And, because TakeTurns records everything in a secure ledger, you automatically know what’s left to do, who did what, and when. It’s one of the most transparent ways to collaborate with your external parties.

Some of the things you can do in a Flow include:

  • Share Files - Encrypt and set content expiration to ensure

  • Collect Documents - Stop using email to chase people for documents you need.

  • Exchange revisions - Track document versions and avoid conflicting edits.

  • Request actions - Clearly define what you need from the other party, such as mark files for review

  • Chat - Keep everyone engaged and on track with live discussions

  • Track everything - Get full visibility on who’s participating, the status of your work, previous file versions, and a complete timeline of what happened.

⭐️ It's time to say goodbye to email

Let's face it: we all fall back to email when working with external organizations. While email is great for messaging, it's terrible for collaboration.

Who hasn't suffered from those confusing message threads and disconnected attachments?  It's so frustrating trying to find what you're looking for!

TakeTurns has all the benefits of email (easy to use, still rely on your preferred tools to edit docs) but brings structure, security, and transparency.

Learn why you should switch to TakeTurns over email when working with external organizations.

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