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View participants

At any time, participants in the collaboration can view who’s participating and what are their roles. View the following articles for more details on how to Add participants, Remove participants, or Change participants' roles. And, for more detail on the various roles in TakeTurns please review Participant roles.

Who can do this?




In plans


In a collaboration, click on the Participant button.

In the participants window, you’ll see

  • All the participants from your party (left-hand side)

  • All the participants from the other party (with the exception of their ghost participants) on the right-hand side

  • Any participants that have not accepted their invitations.

    • Those individuals will be listed in the column for their party underneath a heading entitled: pending invitations.

    • The pending invitations header will also list the number of individuals that have not accepted, e.g., 1 pending invitation means that one individual has not accepted their invite.

    • You can also reinvite individuals that have not accepted their invite by clicking on the circular arrows to the right of their name. Learn more about resending invitations.

Also, you can invite new participants if you have the requisite permissions.

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