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Starred collaborations

The starred collaborations view shows you all the collaborations you have favorited or starred.

Available in plans


The collaboration list contains the essential details of your collaborations. They are (moving left to right along the header):

  • Name - The name of the collaboration

  • Between - The party who initiated the collaboration or inviting party.

  • And - The party invited to join the collaboration or receiving party.

  • Turn - Turn current turn. The number inside the circle represents the current turn. The color will indicate whose turn it is.

  • Deadline - If there is a deadline, this is when the collaboration must be complete.

  • Between the deadline and the star is a status reporting area that will show the “It’s your turn” button if it’s your turn. If you’re not your turn, the area will list how long it’s been since your turn ended.

  • ⭐️ (Star) - The star enables you to mark specific collaborations you want to track more closely. You click again on the star to remove a collaboration from this list.

You can sort the collaborations by clicking on the headers. Also, by accessing the header menu, you can filter the views. See: View collaborations | Sorting-and-filtering-collaboration-views

Finally, there are a few other notable elements on the Collaborations screen

  • In the upper right-hand corner, there’s the yellow action button: New Collaborations. This is for creating a new collaboration.

  • If you have pending invitations, you will see the pending invitation message at the top of the screen. The link will switch your view to the pending collaboration view.

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