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Active Flows

The active flows view is the default view and shows all the ongoing (or non-closed) flows in which you are a participant.

Available in plans


Active Flows - EN.png

Main Header Items

The flow list contains the essential details of your collaborations. They are (moving left to right along the header):

  • Name - The name of the Flow

  • With - The party you’re collaborating with in the Flow.

  • Last Update - When the last update took place and which party performed the update. You can click on the update to read the note (if available).

  • Deadline - If there is a deadline, when should the Flow be complete.

  • In this area, TakeTurns will list any required actions, or “To Dos,” for your party

  • ⭐️ (Star) - The star enables you to mark specific Flows you want to track more closely.

  • ⋮ (Kebab Menu) - Several additional, Flow-specific commands; see next section for details.

(⋮) The Kebab Menu

The kebab menu includes several flow-specific commands, including:

Active Collaboration - Kebab Menu.png
  • Recap - View a recap of this collaboration

  • Edit - Edit the flow’s name, deadlines, etc

  • Wrap-up - End, or close, the Flow for both parties. Only leaders from the party that created the Flow will see this options.

  • Leave - Leave the collaboration

  • Copy link - Copy a permalink to this collaboration for use in any enterprise application.

Additional Tips and Tricks

You can sort the Flows by clicking on the headers. Also, by accessing the header menu, you can filter the views. See: View Flows | Sorting-and-filtering-collaboration-views

Finally, there are a few other notable elements on the Flows screen

  • In the upper right-hand corner, there’s the yellow action button: + NEW. Click on the button to Create a new Flow.

  • If you have pending invitations, you will see the pending invitation message at the top of the screen. The link will switch your view to the Pending invitations view.

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