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At any time participants in the collaboration can change the content view, switching between the cards or list view. By default, content is displayed in cards.

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How to switch views

To switch views, click on the icon located at the bottom right-hand side of the content area. This icon switches from list view to card view and vice versa.

Card view

The card view is the default view. Cards can represent files, folders or requests.

For files, the card contains:

  • The name of the file

  • If present, a flag asking for a particular action, such as REVIEW.

  • If present, the status of the files

  • The file type and its size

For folders

  • The name of the folder

  • If present, a flag for a particular action inside the folder, such as REVIEW

  • If present the status of the content of the folder

For requests

  • The name of the request

  • A indicator at the bottom showing it is a request

  • The requests are color coded:

    • Dark blue, request from your party

    • Light blue, requests from the other party

A request from your party

A request from the other party

List view

The list view shows the same information as the card view but on a single line.

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