Turn recall is a unique feature in TakeTurns. When you execute a turn recall, you call back your last turn. It’s perfect for those real-life situations where you accidentally ended your turn early or sent over the wrong files.

Turn recall is only available for LEADERS with a PLUS subscription. Visit https://taketurns.app/plans to learn more.


Who can do this?




Available in plans


How to recall a turn?

You can only execute a recall if you’re in the collaboration and it’s no longer your turn.

To recall a turn:

  1. Click on the Recall Turn button

  2. Enter a note, the recall message, and click Confirm

TakeTurns will send all participants a notification with your recall message.

What happens in a Turn Recall?

Your other party’s turn will be canceled, and control will return to you. However, depending on how far your other party has proceeded in their turn, turn recall may behave slightly differently.

  • Situations where the other party has not added, modified, or deleted files or revisions - you can recall the turn without warning.

  • Situations where the other party has added, modified, or deleted files or revisions - you will need to confirm the recall and acknowledge it will cancel the other party’s updates. This approval will appear in the Recall turn window.

Restrictions on Turn Recall

There is one restriction on Turn Recall. You cannot recall your turn if the other party has already recalled their turn.