When it’s your party’s turn you can add a single file, or multiple files to fulfill a request. The content you add will be visible to the members of your party. The other party will not be able to see the new content until your turn is ended.


Who can do this?




Available in plans


How to fulfill a request

  1. Click on a request. Requests are indicated by a blue tag REQUEST

  2. The request window presents the name of the request and its description (optional)

  3. Click on Add files

  4. Select one or more files from your device

  5. Click on the Submit button to complete the request

Once your request is fulfilled, it will become:

  • A file if you upload a single file

  • A folder containing files if you uploaded multiple files

Check Status

After fulfilling a request, all new files will have the following status:

  • Added in the current turn

Delete uploaded files for a request

If you delete the uploaded file (or files) from a request in the current turn, the original request will reappear. You’ll be able to use the steps outlined above to respond to the request. If you end your turn, then the files will stay.

More information on removing files